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5 Effective Ways to Eliminate Smelly Dog Odour

We get it, your dog loves swimming in the river or rolling in fox poop and you’re quite finished with the wet and smelly dog stench! Follow these top 5 ways to get rid of smelly dog smell, as always - the natural way:


  1. Bathe your dog regularly 

Although many vets recommend not bathing your dog too often, when using a natural product like our Mane Gloss Natural Conditioning Shampoo you can use it as much as you want! It won’t strip the natural oils from the coat and cause disruption because it’s a natural product with gentle ingredients like aloe, oatmeal and essential oils which are all soothing to the skin. Our blend of essential oils along with the natural odour neutraliser will help eliminate those unwanted smells and leave your pooch smelling fresh as a daisy!


2. Brush your dog 

Now this shouldn't be a once a month kind of thing (I know, we’re guilty too sometimes). But the benefits of brushing your dog regularly are endless - it will distribute the natural oils, get rid of dirt, limit shedding and also remove dead fur to name a few.


3. Diet 

Feed your dog high quality dog food, this well help with their odour. We love raw food for our dog and healthy snacks like carrots, broccoli and cucumber. If you’re looking to learn more about what to feed your dog, watch the documentary Pet Fooled (which highlights the appalling misinformation within the dog food industry) and check out The Dog Nutritionist on Instagram. 


4. Use a deodorising spray 

In between washing your dog opt for a natural dedorising spray, like our Pooch Perfume which is both a conditioning and deodorising spray (clients have also told us it works as a great detangler too which is a bonus!) Simply brush the coat, spray it throughout the coat avoiding the face at about 30cm away, give it one final comb through and voila! 


5. Wash dog bedding regularly 

Smelly bedding can lead to a smelly dog so ensure you wash your dogs bedding regularly. We ensure we use a fragrance free washing powder to ensure it doesn’t cause any irritations to our dogs skin (they’re much more sensitive than we are to this!)

We would love to hear if you have any natural remedies or ways you get rid of smelly dog smell, comment below and let us know 🥰


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