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The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Dogs and How to Get Started

We had the pleasure of chatting to dog wellness and exercise advocate, Milo from Milo's Dog Running who has been in the industry for over 5 years. 

We spoke all things exercise and it’s importance, building his dog running business and brand, why a raw food diet may be the best option for your dog and how to select the right person to look after your dog.

1. Explain to us in a nutshell what you do and how you got started, what was your inspiration to go into dog running? And how did you start the business and get your first clients 

I work in the pet industry, where I cover SW London helping pooches maintain health and wellbeing. My USP is the dog running side and is the real reason why I started MDR. I saw dogs where not getting the fitness they required, local walks in the park is neither mentally or physically stimulating, so after some research, I decided to set up Milo’s Dog Running so people in London could feel good about their dogs getting the required amount of exercise while living in the city.

I gained my first clients by getting myself out there, handing out flyers and speaking to people while in the parks. Bringing them facts about how different a dog’s life would be when at peak fitness and the difference it makes to the owners life with a calmer pooch.

2. Why do you think exercise for dogs is so integral?

Both dog fitness and nutrition come hand in hand with dogs, just like it does with us. The healthier and fitter a dog is, the happier they are. A pooch that doesn’t receive the correct amount of exercise can go one of two ways. Either they gain too much weight which can lead major health issues or they come aggressive and none responsive. Both can lead to an early and uncomfortable death.

What I think is most integral would be that dogs absolutely love the outdoors and they live to run around and be free in wide open areas. When getting a dog, you are taking on the responsibility’s that come with it. They are not there to just look good.

3. As many people start to go back to the office in some way or another what would you say is the longest you leave your dog for? What are some tools you have to keep dogs occupied when you're not with them? And when is it best to get a dog walker / daycare? 

When it comes to leaving your dog, that is down to how well you know you dog can be left. Ask yourself, has your pooch had a really good amount of exercise before you leave? Are they happy to be left at home on their own? For example, if I have taken Nefe on one of my runs on the common, she been out for two hours I get home feed her and then shoot off at about 10, I personally would be comfortable leaving her 5/6 hours. She most comfortable on my bed so I would probably leave her there. Each dog is different and there is no right answer here. You have to judge it for yourself. Most importantly make sure your dog has had a decent amount of exercise before you leave home.

In regards to my daycare and keeping them busy, our dogs are never left alone but with Nefe, she loves to sleep. 

When choosing your dog walker/daycare the most important thing is to obviously meet the person walking your dog and it is so so vital to go and see where you dog Is being kept. I used to work for another company and their facilities were awful. Having responsible recommendations is always very good. Not Chinese whispers but someone who uses the service themselves.

4. What is important when trying to find the right fit if you're looking for daycare / dog walker? 

Trust, trust in the person who is looking after your dog. The trust that they will be there and vigilant, that they can protect them and keep them safe. Number one priority for you and the dog walker should be safety and trust between you and the dog walker. I could be the best runner in the world and the dogs could be getting the best exercise ever but if I can’t look after them properly it means nothing.

5. We know you are extremely passionate about dog nutrition (which we love!), what is your stance on nutrition and do you have any resources to share for people to learn more?

Raw is best. I’ve learnt all I have about raw over the past 4 years from a number of people and if you do follow me you can see how much I believe in it. Nefe has never been ill with gut issues or diarrhea.The proof is in the pudding but if you want to learn more there is no one better than the Pet Nutritionist on Instagram.

If your vet has not recommended raw, which frequently they don't (as they have ties to the large corporations who sell kibble).

6. How do you stop resource guarding? 

Ever dog needs discipline, if they won’t share, go back to basics. Get what they are guarding have them sit and wait while you hold the item. Give that item to another dog if you can and once you pooch doesn’t get defensive you can reward them for their good behaviour. You need to show a clear line between what is good and bad. If they react take them out of the situation, once they have calmed bring them back in. repetition is key and staying on top of it is also vital.

7. Where can people learn more about what you do? 

My website and Instagram is the best place to go. Otherwise you can always find my number and give me a call!

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