Hi All, 

I’m the new boss in town, I am a five year old pug living in West London and let me tell you a bit about my journey.

When I’m not hard at work on the business, you will usually find me tottering along the river, on a mission to be cute in exchange for a snack or perhaps I’m taking a nap - puplix and chill? I love food; my absolute favourites are cucumber, peanut butter (unsalted of course) and carrots. I’ve got to admit, in the past I struggled with dandruff and dry skin which made me itchy and frustrated so this is why FURR was born. 

I spent lockdown watching my hoomans explore different ingredients with my grandfather who wore a white coat which makes me think he knows what he’s doing. After a few months of trial and error, we got the goods and let me tell you, it is pawfection! 

I’m so excited to share this journey with you all and I hope you love the supaw Mane Gloss Natural Conditioning Shampoo as much as I do. I also look forward to bringing you all the best tips and advice. 

Now I’m off for a nap before I continue to bring you the best FURR.

Woof you all xoxo,