Introducing ROY.Home


We had the pleasure of chatting with Alex from ROY. Home to discuss all things starting a dog business, tips on starting your own small business and our exciting new collaboration with ROY. Home. 

1. How did you get started with Roy Home? (when did you launch, what products did you start with etc)

In the middle of the pandemic, when everyone was baking banana bread, I started sewing fleece jackets for my dog, Freddie. When our instagram friends kept asking where they could buy it, I was very flattered but also inspired to start my own business. 

2. What was the inspiration behind the brand? 

I started on Etsy, with no website of my own and we were called Royal Woof. I was really just thinking about basics, learning about different dog sizes, however, after some time I felt like I wasn’t allowing myself to use my full potential. I took a break and came back with rebranded Roy. HOME, where I focus on creating a range of products for modern dog owners and their homes. 

3. Tell us a bit about your process in creating your products (e.g. sourcing fabrics, handmade by yourself etc)

When designing and making a product, I’m always inspired by what’s considered quiet luxuries. I think about practical items for a dog friendly household and how with modern colours, fabrics and textures I can turn it into a part of a calm and relaxing space. 

4. What advice would you give someone who's thinking of launching an online doggy business? 

Trust your own instincts and your style! 

5. We're super excited to be collaborating with you on the launch of our Glove Towel! Tell us a bit more about the product and why you think it's such a great product? 

I’m also very excited to be part of this project! I think we did an amazing job combining FURR Collective’s signature colours with Roy.HOME’s bamboo towelling fabric, creating a stylish and practical way of drying your dog. It's very easy to use and it folds nicely fitting in any bag. It's great not only after a bath but also when drying wet paws on a rainy day before popping in to your favourite café. 

6. What other products should we know about from you guys? 

I think we are more known for our bamboo doggy bathrobe but we also sell doggy blankets and pillows as well as candles. Every product is handmade by me and even focusing more on home decor and indoor life of a dog owner I still make our classic fleece jackets. 

7. What's in the pipeline for Roy Home? Any new products on the cards anytime soon? 

I can’t tell you all my secrets… ;)  but it’s going to be cozy and elegant. 

8. Where can people learn more about what you do? 

My website and Instagram is the best place to go. 


You can purchase the ROY. Home x FURR Collective Glove Towel and our Limited Edition Gift Set (Mane Gloss Natural Conditioning Shampoo + Glove Towel) on our website